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Story of an Artist

Maria Maloof is an emerging artist
whose work actively engages the viewer, eliciting his or her full consideration. Born in Connecticut, she has called Florida home for most of her life. This Florida girl’s free spirit and sense of adventure took her all over the globe, before finally settling down with her husband, Al, in Miami 15 years ago. Given her need to explore different passions, she enjoyed several careers prior to taking to brush and canvas.


Foremost in her recent endeavors has been Maloof’s skillful and successful event planning business. In addition to designing and executing exquisite private events, Maloof has led
not-for-profits to achieve much needed results.  She since has retired from her efforts to
spend full time creating works of art.


Maloof credits her talent as a family gift, spanning several generations and numerous family members. Creating beauty and serving others is what she is most passionate about.

Her ability to engage a number of techniques makes her unique in this field.
Art is an aesthetical perception. It is a personal and unique experience to both the artist and the audience. Her journey for each painting depicts a moment, thought, feeling or expression at a certain point in her life, but they may inspire a completely different emotion in the viewer. 
Therein lies the beauty of her work.


The kaleidoscopic mass of colors ranges from vibrant brilliance, embodying ethereal beauty to darker,

more intense tones that almost contrast violently. To some, it may appear as swirls of color, battling for supremacy on a canvas filled with energetic random appeal, but make no
mistake – Maloof’s work tends to creep up on you, catching you by surprise. For any artist, the

emotional connection to each piece varies. Her work reflects who she is at any particular
moment and that is what captures someone’s interest – they react to what they are seeing
and feeling.


Depending on her mood and the expression she wishes to convey, Maloof can switch between

techniques as easily as you or I change shoes.  For her, it is the ability to utilize several techniques,

whether it is a palette knife, sponge or brush – she is comfortable with them all. Ultimately,
the main point for any artist is the ability to express themselves. For her, it is being able to interact

with the canvas and channel what she visualizes into something tangible that conveys both
complex thought and emotion. Something which inspires the viewer to think beyond themselves.


It is easy to see the raw, exotic beauty captured through dynamic strokes and layers of texture

built with a palette knife in the third installation of her Leopard series. It is also easy to

become entranced by her favorite piece, Japanese Spring, a stunning interpretation

of the unforgettable pink Japanese cherry blossom.

You are forgiven when wondering if her talent was cultivated, or indeed, truly comes across

as a unique find. Following the path pretty much ignored by most artists, Maloof wrestled

between entering art school or the United States Marine Corp. A twist of fate made it the latter. 

While serving in Japan, she was enthralled with works of art presented there.

Maloof’s art is inspired by travel, fashion, emotion and virtually anything that catches her

eye or moves her spiritually. Jackson Pollock inspired her first large piece. She admired his fearless

expression on canvas and realized that art did not have to take on a specific form - that movement

and the fluidity of paint could speak on canvas as well. And while Pollock’s work displays a dominant, masculine aura, Maloof’s energy vibrates through each piece, almost haunting you with a delicate,

yet fiercely bold beauty, reminiscent of the artist herself.

Art has always captured the complexities of an evolving society. The idea of capturing and transferring multiple concepts and a vast range of emotions is something that thrills Maloof with every piece. 

She is honored to share her gift with the world.



stunning work is

so much more than art,
it is an
 internal experience

allowing you to

truly feel."
~ Dorota Burlakowska
Transformational Designer, Speaker, Singer


Colony of the Coral Reef

"Maria's art infuses a unique and exciting union of primal energy with an explosion of emotion  and vibrant colors. 
Every piece is an extraordinary and powerful statement.
We are delighted 
with our commissioned piece
- Colony of the Coral Reef"

~ Dr. Rafael and Mrs. Victoria Guinot
South Miami, OB/GYN

"I accept commissioned pieces, and prefer to communicate directly with the buyer.
Our conversations will add to the unique magnificence of our collaboration.I believe that
the creation of art is a journey-not just for myself as the artist, but for the viewer.

Each new brushstroke builds upon the foundation of the last, breathing life into a work of
art that slowly reveals itself.  Only at this point does one finally reach the soul of the artist." 
~ Maria Maloof 

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